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Schweppes Monster

"Units were a hit with the retailers easy to set up & no maintenance during test Key learning: keep a rolling promo program operating across duration of placement so that the unit continues to retain relevance to the retailer & customer and does not get shifted to a lesser in-store position."

  • Action Promote new range of Monster Flavors and activate campaign second placement
  • Material Coolio * Freshboard Check-Out
  • Timing 12 weeks
  • Locations various P&C Stores in Australia
  • Target Exposure in different areas of the retail environment
  • Objectives Engage shoppers by exploring new & innovative cooling solutions, major weapon to fight to grow market-share
  • Results Sales uplift of up to 50% per store
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Our clients
“Coolio is a customisable & versatile short term promotional concept, ideal to connect with our customers”.
PepsiCoTropicana, France
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