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Branche reports

The cold beverage market has a low barrier to entry the market and therefore frequently sees new players in the field. Consumers are already spoilt for choice and find often similar product or identical products alther a wide range of different brands.
Versatile promotional coolers are as such a great asset to win the battle in-store. Store managers/retailers need to give cold beverages sufficient exposure and should be able to add their own promotions to ensure/increase sales in this tight segment.
In the consumers' perception, brands names still equal quality.

» branche-report-coolio-beverages-20150727 (.pdf)

Every shopping expedition has a mission. Promotional products might trigger impulse sales, as long as the shopping trip is not disrupted.
The retail environment is an evolving system of connected products, and branding & marketing messages have as such a big influence.
Thanks to the Coolio concept, cross-promotion opportunities or brand extention out of the traditional fresh category can be managed easily to align your chilled promotional campaign based on the shopper's need.
The art is not to sell a product once, but to sell it on a continiously base.

» branche-report-coolio-dairy-20150727 (.pdf)

Fresh food business is changing, with effects felt accros the shop-floor. Consumers are more demanding when it comes to quality and have a strong appetite for innovation. They’re increasingly demanding and expect more choice than ever before. According to Nielsen, more than six-in-10 respondents (63%) say they like when manufacturers offer new products, and more than half (57%) say they purchased a new product during their last grocery-shopping trip. But success can be hard to come by. Brand competition is intense and shelves are crowded, so stand out when possible!
Consumers hunger for alternatives.

» branche-report-coolio-meat-20150728 (.pdf)

Fresh product retailing has seen changes in consumer preferences and shifts in way to market in recent years. Growing concerns about health and food contribute to the increasing popularity of fresh snacks. An on-the-go shopper is only interested in a convenient, easy-to-consume snack that is already chilled. Therefore, retailers and brands need to ensure promotions are repeated regularly, to keep shoppers reminded and motivated. And especially new products and new flavors need that extra exposure to boost sales in an effective way.
In the end: everyone wants a piece of the pie!

» branche-report-coolio-snack-and-bbq (.pdf)

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We are completely satisfied with the services and attention obtained from AIM/Coolio Mexico. The fact they are constantly showing us their creative, innovative and highly functional products and proposals is something we are assessing in a very positive way.
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