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Freshboard Traditional with window

Change the rules of the game and move your chilled products out of their usual aisles to boost your short, medium or long term sales’ animations. By bringing forward and displaying your fresh products closer to the customer journey in the shop, your promotional campaign will over-perform.

Fb with plexi side windows penguin instore

The plexi windows on the Freshboard will improve the visibility and double your exposure!
Let’s discuss the possibilities (why not be creative and transform the square windows into your shaped bottle or can?) and contact us now!
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Our clients
Schweppes monster
''Units were a hit with the retailers easy to set up & no maintenance during test Key learning: keep a rolling promo program operating across duration of placement so that the unit continues to retain relevance to the retailer & customer and does not get shifted to a lesser in-store position.''
Schweppes MonsterSchweppes Senior Marketeer, Australia
Discover how we can put your fresh campaign into overdrive!
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