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  • A former Belgian POP company was approached by a major Brand Manufacturing Company with the question to develop a “Promotional temporary POP-unit for refrigerated products”

  • First test of the Coolio™ concept in the Netherlands: this new way of in-store promotion proved to be a great success for this specific product launch and received enthousiastic respons from the retailers involved. Due to this huge success CoolioTM was exclusively sold via one FMCG company.

  • The concept was slowly pulled in to the market by some of the major FMCG-companies. Amongst the first adaptors you could find Unilever, Hero, Chiquita, Aoste,.. and many more.

  • Coolio™ and Freshboard™ are now playing an active role in supporting brands in their promotional needs in 17 Countries on the European continent. Certainly in Germany, The Netherlands, France, but also in Scandinavia this new refrigeration becomes a huge success.

  • The Display Cooling Company, aslo referred to as Coolio International, takes over all the rights to sell and market the CoolioTM concept. Under this new Coolio International umbrella, the concept is further expanding via a network of global Coolio™-distributors.

  • Our “Cool Story” is becoming more exciting and new distributors and regions such as North America, South America, Australia, Russia enlarge our network. In the meanwhile our product portfolio now has a divers range of FreshboardTM and different types of CoolioTM units being supplied across the world.

  • Reflecting a strategy of close cooperation with customers, suppliers and partners on all commercial and technical levels results in improving our quality of Freshboards.
  • Different dedicated suppliers are now manufacturing the new improved Freshboards in their countries (Canada, Mexico, Australia, Russia, ...) under strict global standards safeguarding cooling capacity and quality.
  • Our first entry in the Asian market was performed in Japan with a specific CoolioTM unit enduring extreme high humidity.

  • A more environmental friendly and sustainable e-CoolioTM is being developed and launched on the European market in October 2014.
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Our clients
“Coolio is a customisable & versatile short term promotional concept, ideal to connect with our customers”.
PepsiCoTropicana, France
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