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Shift your battlefield !

The huge impact of in-store decision-making
Knowing consumer behaviour in store is driven by many factors, including strong preferences for the same food or brand, it's key to add that "little" extra and create more awareness.
As people hardly change their eating habits, it's very important to promote or launch a product through a unique touch point on the floor and make sure it's getting the best presence.
After all, an attractive appearance means a bigger piece of the impulse shopping cake, leads into more brand awareness and generates a sales uplift at the same time.

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Are you ready to do the test and shift your battlefield ? Contact us now and discover a world of fresh ideas.

Manage your POS sales with IOC Data

A decision process based on facts & usable data directly from the field
SMART Coolio is a fully flexible solution suitable for any display, customizable and comes with add-on connected shelves for coolers and freezers. It is a new down to earth way forward to manage your in-store campaigns with a focus on the qualification of the relevant data and ROI measuring.

7smart coolio

Benefits→ Facts and data collected “in context” to measure the impact on sales.
→ A direct assessment of the products’ mix / planogramme efficiency.
→ Logistics optimisation to secure products availability in the POS
→ Ability to measure the influence of the “display layout” on the purchase behaviour
→ A different awareness of the “golden places” in the POS customer journey.

Product's rotation at the core
→ Real time information to handle the products’ replenishment process in an easier way.
→ Ability to follow - in full autonomy - the momentum and build-up of your campaign.

Contact us now and bring-in a new light onto your field impact !
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Our clients
''By using a combination of Coolio with a roll banner we achieved results that lifted sales up 18 times.''
FrieslandCampinaJohan Elsinga, The Netherlands
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