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Pop manufacturer

Understanding the needs of the customer is simple; delivering it is anything but simple.
Developing visually appealing product displays, attractive branding, quality design features design ideas and objectives… every detail is absolutely necessary to ensure our range of Freshboard™ encourages interactive response on the shop floor.

Our company's reputation is linked to the quality of our Freshboard™ displays. To ensure and maintain our global production standards, we strive to deliver high qualitative displays to satisfy brands, retailers and ultimately our end customers.

If your vision equals our mission, working together will get great results. So contact us today to get started!
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Our clients
“Coolio is a customisable & versatile short term promotional concept, ideal to connect with our customers”.
PepsiCoTropicana, France
Discover how we can put your fresh campaign into overdrive!
Contact us by phone at +32 (0)14 230 674, find a distributor near you or simply push contact for mail!