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From Köttbullar to Pasta al Pomodoro

The choice is all yours!
Lantmännen, a specialist in fresh bread, pastries & fast food products used the Freshboard Check-Out to roll-out a campaign to promote their fresh & healthy GOOH lunch varieties in various Swedish supermarkets.

Lantmannen freshboard check out

Dairy Goodness.

When it comes to getting milk from the farmers to a fridge, we love to step in the game. And in this particular case, we are happy to share our promotional cooling experience with Mueller to boost their sales of milk, yoghurt and milkshakes brands via an in-store campaign with Traditional Freshboards in various Czech retailers.

Freshboard traditional muller cze 01b
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Oscar mayer
We are completely satisfied with the services and attention obtained from AIM/Coolio Mexico. The fact they are constantly showing us their creative, innovative and highly functional products and proposals is something we are assessing in a very positive way.
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