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Mix and match or stick to your favourite
Mix and match or stick to your favourite
Slow down, sit down and relish the spread, the dip, and the snack: a new Australian campaign for The Laughing Cow and Mini Babybel!

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Sales Uplift is more than a number
Sales uplift is more than a number
We have just concluded our latest Coolio launch in Ireland partnering with Pepsico Ireland on their Naked juice brand.

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Put Your Best Out Front
Put your best out front
FrieslandCampina recently promoted their chilled ''kwark'' product by combining the Coolio & Freshboard concept with standard communication tools.

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Finding the right combination
Finding the right combination
In retail it is all about execution, about finding the right combination of delivering the brand’s vision and the right auditing tools at the Point of sales.

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Our clients about the Coolio opportunities
“Coolio is a customisable & versatile short term promotional concept, ideal to connect with our customers”.
TropicanaPepsiCo, France
''Product accessibility is a key challenge, which is why we opted for the Coolio Concept to create extra awareness & stimulate trial and impulse of Danone The Greek.''
Chris Blake, Head of Store Category ManagementDanone, Netherlands
''By using a combination of Coolio with a roll banner we achieved results that lifted sales up 18 times.''
Johan ElsingaFrieslandCampina, The Netherlands
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