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Should you go organic or not ?

The choice is all yours
and the decision to buy is a personal one. Even though organic food sale is growing and trending, the lion’s share of the food market is still overwhelmingly controlled by conventional food.
One of the best ways to boost sales of new launched fresh products or expand your chilled promotional product range is to step out of the fixed permanent cooling section of grocery stores.

Happy to share this image from our customer Rijk Zwaan’s booth, who recently exposed their fresh varieties at Fruit Attraction Trade fair in Madrid to stimulate vegetable/organic consumption. A perfect occasion to promote their fresh novelties with the Coolio & Freshboard Concept !

Rijk zwaan freshboard traditional spain 07

Let's add a little chill to your promotion

Thirsty yet?
This summer Coolio North America has been lucky enough to be part of Arterra Wines Canada’s latest campaign in British Columbia. Arterra used the Coolio Concept in conjunction with other P.O.P to help boost awareness that Growers, Canada’s #1 cider, is now available in cans. By adding a Freshboard Traditional into the mix, Arterra made it possible to supply chilled 6-packs at a prime front of store location. Chilled cider displayed prominently and highlighted by crisp, eye catching LED lighting… thirsty yet? Why not add a little chill to your next in store promotion? Call us now and discover our chilled solutions.

Growers coolio usa
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Oscar mayer
We are completely satisfied with the services and attention obtained from AIM/Coolio Mexico. The fact they are constantly showing us their creative, innovative and highly functional products and proposals is something we are assessing in a very positive way.
Oscar MayerHugo Garza Cervantes, Mexico
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