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Put Your Best Out Front

Our customer FrieslandCampina recently promoted their chilled "Kwark" product by combining the Coolio & Freshboard concept with an ellipse and an ambient display and created as such a great window that tells a story.

Breakfast is served!
By cross-merchandising breakfast items - fresh 'Kwark' and 'Quaker 'cereals - breakfast has never been so easy. This set-up is a perfect invitation to grab speeding customers’ eyes and draw passers-by attention. We love it!

Coolio freshboard frieslandcampina 20180130

Finding the right combination

In retail it is all about execution, about finding the right combination of delivering the brand’s vision and the right auditing tools at the Point of sales. Conclusion: do more with less by focusing on a remarkable in-store execution. This image is a nice example of a chilled promotional campaign for Alvalle in a Spanish supermarket.

Alvalle spain
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Our clients
''Product accessibility is a key challenge, which is why we opted for the Coolio Concept to create extra awareness & stimulate trial and impulse of Danone The Greek.''
DanoneChris Blake, Head of Store Category Management, Netherlands
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