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Bienvenue aux cuillères

The Goodness of fruit
Tropicana confirms its premium positioning in highlighting its expertise through a new campaign “Bienvenue-aux-cuilleres” to launch a range of 6 fresh fruity dessert flavours. In line with this latest promotion, PepsiCo combined the-new-TROPICANA-yoghurt-tasting-booth with a two Traditional Freshboards at the entrance of various French supermarkets.
The online campaign resulted in a refreshing 20 second spot of dancing fruits & spoons.

Pepsico naked freshboard traditional fra 01 bw

From Köttbullar to Pasta al Pomodoro

The choice is all yours!
Lantmännen, a specialist in fresh bread, pastries & fast food products used the Freshboard Check-Out to roll-out a campaign to promote their fresh & healthy GOOH lunch varieties in various Swedish supermarkets.

Lantmannen freshboard check out
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''By using a combination of Coolio with a roll banner we achieved results that lifted sales up 18 times.''
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