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The energy transition starts now

Along with the revised labels, the EU introduced & specified minimum requirements for energy consumption, ensuring that the worst-performing models can no longer be sold. These new EU-labels are mandatory for all manufacturers and importers wishing to sell their products in the EU.
Click here to read the full article on our ECO label & required EU regulations

How to recognise a rescaled product coolio freshboard

Time for kick-off on 21 November 2022!

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As a brand, you know you only have a few seconds to win shoppers over. So take products off that metre-long refrigerator shelf, promote them attractively, and score twice! Thanks to the Coolio concept, we create an extra dash of customer experience. It makes cross-merchandising easy, too!

Coolio promotional cooler qatar instore

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a unique opportunity to put your products in the spotlight with a ‘Coolio’ in-store campaign. The creative possibilities are endless: our Freshboards are available in different variants, all of which can be combined with the same Coolio unit. Rent them or purchase them outright: the choice is yours!

Coolio promotional cooler qatar instore coca cola

As a market leader in the chilled promotional display segment (for subcategories such as beer, energy drinks, soft drinks, dairy, meat products, snacks on-the-go, veggie, etc.), we can’t wait to create a wonderful, ‘COOL’ success story with you!
Still not convinced? Contact us and let's discuss the possibilities. We can’t wait for kick-off!
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Our clients
Oscar mayer
We are completely satisfied with the services and attention obtained from AIM/Coolio Mexico. The fact they are constantly showing us their creative, innovative and highly functional products and proposals is something we are assessing in a very positive way.
Oscar MayerHugo Garza Cervantes, Mexico
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